usplash and alternate resolutions

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Tue Jul 22 19:17:32 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, den 22.07.2008, 15:04 -0400 schrieb Joe Terranova:
> > you miss the point a bit here, even in that case the logo would be oval
> > instead of being a cycle, it's about the stretching that happens ....
> Why would it be an oval?
it wouldnt if usplash would act like you describe below (which it doesnt)

> on a 800x600 monitor, an 800x600 black background is generated, and
> the 300x200 logo overlaid on it (placed accordingly for our startup
> progress stuff to appear).
> on a 1280x800 monitor, a 1280x800 black background is generated, and
> the 300x200 logo overlaid on it.
> The point is for the logo to stay the same pixel size, regardless of
> resolution, or at least only grow at the correct ratio; if the ratio
> of the monitor is different than the ratio of the logo, use a black
> background to compensate.
right, but usplash currently doesnt support overlaid logos, currently
you only have the "wallpaper" (which is a black pic with the logo on it)
and the progressbar ... usplash itself tries to display that in a 4:3
format which on a physical wide screen becomes a stretched 16:9 (or
16:10 or whatever phys. size your screen has) picture ... 

to achieve what you describe usplash needs code changes and someon who
actually does them :)

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