Extremely large -data packages

Jack Coulter jscinoz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 05:38:27 UTC 2008


I was packaging two games for Debian (World of Padman, and UrbanTerror)
These games are licensed with GPL engine and non-free but distributable
data. The two games are each split into an engine, and a data package,
the data packages being the larger ones (710MB for urbanterror-data,
650MB for worldofpadman-data).

Unfortunately, the Debian ftpmasters are unwilling to include these
packages at this time, due to the filesize. They are planning to
eventually create an external archive for these data packages, which in
my personal opinion, defeats the purpose of packaging these games for a
major distribution.

Basically, I am writing to enquire as to if Ubuntu would have any issues
with packages of this size? And if so, what would be the next suggested
course of action.

Jack Coulter
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