Need DHCP client scripts for NIS

Mark Brown broonie at
Tue Jul 8 10:15:34 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 04:03:41AM -0400, Paul Smith wrote:

> Yesterday morning I filed a bug
> requesting that the NIS package include a dhclient-exit-hooks.d script
> to set up NIS based on the nis-domain and nis-servers (and
> nisplus-domain and nisplus-servers) DHPC options.  All the other
> enterprise Linux distros I'm familiar with (Red Hat and SuSE in
> particular) include dhclient-scripts which do this automatically
> already.  This is a critical component of deploying Linux in many
> enterprise environments.

As you noted in your report this also needs the DHCP client to request
the relevant options which needs to be implemented in that package.

Note that this can't be enabled by default on upgrades since doing that
may break existing installations by overwriting existing configuration.
It also needs to be optional for new installations for similar reasons,
probably doing something similar to what the samba package does for WINS.

For this to be fully useful there would also need to some facility for
adding the NIS entries to the passwd, group and shadow files during
installation.  This is outside the scope of the NIS package since it
affects the global configuration of the system.

> I guess I'm not used to how Ubuntu manages things like this: all the
> F/OSS projects I'm involved in, if they have a bug tracker, tend to
> manage requests like this via the bug tracking system to make them easy
> to remember/find/track/maintain.

> However, my bug was closed as "Invalid" and the person closing it
> suggested that I find some appropriate mailing list on
> to discuss it.

The bug was closed in error - wishlist bugs are perfectly reasonable.

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