Need DHCP client scripts for NIS

Paul Smith paul at
Tue Jul 8 08:03:41 UTC 2008

Yesterday morning I filed a bug
requesting that the NIS package include a dhclient-exit-hooks.d script
to set up NIS based on the nis-domain and nis-servers (and
nisplus-domain and nisplus-servers) DHPC options.  All the other
enterprise Linux distros I'm familiar with (Red Hat and SuSE in
particular) include dhclient-scripts which do this automatically
already.  This is a critical component of deploying Linux in many
enterprise environments.

I guess I'm not used to how Ubuntu manages things like this: all the
F/OSS projects I'm involved in, if they have a bug tracker, tend to
manage requests like this via the bug tracking system to make them easy
to remember/find/track/maintain.

However, my bug was closed as "Invalid" and the person closing it
suggested that I find some appropriate mailing list on
to discuss it.

Looking through the lists this seems like the most relevant one.

So... what now? :-)

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