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Sun Jan 27 02:01:56 UTC 2008

Seems like you could achieve much the same thing by having command
(let's call it "o" for open so it's nice and short) that checks the
mime-type of it's argument and opens it according to user preferences.

OK, it's 2 extra characters to type each time but on the upside,
everyone gets the feature _and_ gets to keep using their favourite


On 27/01/2008, Pysco <nateizkool at> wrote:
> Hello Fellow Ubuntu Users:
> I hope these are the correct lists to post to, for this type of information.
>  I posed to; ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-server, ubuntu-users, ubuntu-devel,
> ubuntu-devel-discuss, and ubuntu-universe-sponsors.  In addition I posted
> the very same information on the Ubutu Fourms, which can be found at -
>, in case
> you would like to continue the discussions there as well.  I am posting to
> this lists as well, as they seem a bit more active amongst the developers,
> and used far more in discussion making, if this is an incorrect assumption,
> or any of the mention listed the incorrect place to post, please let me
> know.  The important part, after the jump.
>  I found this project, "metashell" on Freshmeat/Source Forge. I wanted to
> share it with the Ubuntu community.
>  Directly from the metashell website:
> metashell is a lightweight, heavy punch, interactive, intelligent
> command-line shell. The amazing difference with metashell lies in its
> ability to determine a file's datatype, and automatically run your desired
> applications.
>  metashell uses file datatypes (mime types) to determine a files type, and
> then using user defined applications automatically opens the files. Making
> the user experience in a shell easier and more user-friendly, while adding
> robust power to the CLI gurus of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
>  STATUS: Beta (Beta has been released) As you can see the project is still
> only is Beta, but development seems to be active (at least since the initial
> beta release). I've also been using the shell for the past few days, and am
> currently using the latest version (0.03b). Minus a minor installation bug,
> and a dependency not included in the Ubuntu repository, everything seems to
> work great. And it does seem like it could be (albeit with a bit of work) a
> replacement as mine (and hopefully) your shell.
>  The shell is honestly extremely user-friendly, but still contains the
> normal *nix power. It just makes execution and file management a breeze. You
> can still pipe commands, redirect output, background and union commands,
> etc. The ground-breaking feature is really the way you work with files.
>  You simply type in a filename, and based on its mimetype (and your
> configuration) the file is automatically open/executed through the default
> application (based on your ~/.msh_apps setting). No more do you have to cat
> a file, or look through its contents. The shell makes this an easy and
> seamless process. It even will change directory, without you typing 'cd'
> (although you can still use 'cd' if desired).
>  All of your normal commands/applications will function, (ls, cd, nano, cat,
> rm, mv, ln, cp, etc). But you can now move around, and manage files a bit
> easier.
>  I feel this will make the shell a far less "scary" place for new Linux
> users. (I'll refrain from using the term noob, as I too am new to Linux). It
> will allow them to use it to open and edit files, without learning an absurd
> amount of information before hand. Allowing them to get the task done, and
> learn at a later time. And although I feel learning is important, and they
> will eventually need to know the "hard way" this should be a good start.
>  This seems to also be the direction Ubuntu is traveling, thus the reason I
> am posting this here. Ubuntu is "Linux for human beings" and metashell seems
> to be "The Linux Shell for human beings". Things "Just Work (tm?)". Just
> like double-clicking, you enter a filename and things happen, no questions
> asked.
>  The other cool part, is the default settings shipped, are for Ubuntu
> (Gnome), therefore Gnome GUI applications are opened for each filetype. I
> really think Ubuntu users will benefit from this project.
>  All that being said, beyond just telling you about the project, I have a
> question. What are the chances of something like this shell or another
> user-friend shell making it into the Ubuntu distribution? Even if not as a
> default?
>  Please take a look, and give your feedback. The Project Owner, is rather
> responsive, via email. Plus let me know what you think, and the possibility
> of inclusion into Ubuntu.
>  Information:
>  Website:
>  Source Forge:
>  Thanks,
>  Pysco
> (As a side note, I have CC'd the project developer and the project's mailing
> lists -- as mentioned the project owner is quick to respond to emails, etc).
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