tracking down suspend/hibernate bugs?

Paulus Esterhazy pesterhazy at
Thu Jan 17 10:59:38 UTC 2008

Matt Price schrieb:
> hi,
> just upgraded to hardy and suspend-to-ram is broken again (as in feisty
> & other releases)  i'm trying to figure out, again, how to track down
> this bug but i'm not entirely sure what the current chain of events is
> in the suspend process.  can someone point me to a location where the
> process is described?  or suggest best practice for finding bugs of this
> nature (in which resume is impossible, so messages e.g. from dmesg
> or /var/log/messages don't get captured?

It would be *very* helpful if a developer who really knows this stuff
could write a document on the Wiki detailing how this process works for
hardy. To users, suspend problems are opaque, because there often are no
logs readily available. Often, it's very hard to tell which piece of the
system is causing the lock-up.


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