tracking down suspend/hibernate bugs?

Paul S paulatgm at
Mon Jan 14 20:49:31 UTC 2008

Matt Price said the following on 01/14/2008 02:10 PM:
> hmmm...  fooling around, i find that i can suspend pretty reliably from
> the command line
> sudo pm-suspend
> but that the gnome-power-manager dialog reliably fails to resume; this
> despitethe fact that it seemsto be using pm-suspend, as it writes a
> suspend log to /var/log/pm-suspend.  not sure what's going on there.

maybe coincidence, but this sounds similar to my experience with 
kde-power-manager.  Suspend / resume working from konsole with "sudo 
pm-suspend" , but not working from kde-power-manager menu or from logout 
-> suspend (using kdm, not gdm).  But, here it's only with suspend, as 
hibernate works from kde-power-manager menu.

I also notice that my sleep button on my usb keyboard no does not work 
on hardy (but did on gutsy).  The other multimedia keys work ok on hardy 
as well as gutsy.  Not sure why just the sleep quit.  It calls suspend, 
not hibernate.

So, with both operating systems not working, could it be the underlying 
hal system that's not functioning correctly?

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