LVM on hardy's live installer?

Evan Dandrea evand at
Wed Jan 9 19:23:00 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 10:49 -0700, Kevin Fries wrote:
> There is a bad issue IMHO with the way Ubuntu partitions disks by
> default anyway.  While I always custom install to place /boot and /var
> or /var/log on separate partitions, I understand other reluctance to do
> that.  But! /home should always be on a separate partition in a
> workstation build, and placing that as LVM by default is just a great
> CYA move.
> If there is any part of the system that is likely to grow out of
> control, its user file space.... i.e. /home.  This just comes down to
> long term ease of use for the end user.  Adding another disk, could be
> added to the /home LVM, and provide an environment that is more
> advantageous to end users than Windows (who would need to keep track of
> additional disk drives rather than just see a larger home partition).
> Given that Hardy is a LTS release, I guess the question is to add it now
> so that the LTS users don't have to wait 3 years to get it?  Or consider
> the feature untested, and wait for Hardy+1 so that there is time to iron
> out bugs before its added to the next LTS release?

LVM support for the desktop CD installer (ubiquity) citing this specific
use case of having a separate /home has been brought up at the past two
Ubuntu Developer Summits.  However, the conclusion has always been that
the graphical tools to manage LVM PVs are not ready.

I also believe that the ubiquity-preserve-home [1] specification, which
is targeted for Hardy, will mitigate the need for a separate /home

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