[PATCH] Update to libaio?

Davide Libenzi davidel at xmailserver.org
Tue Jan 8 20:21:36 UTC 2008

On Tue, 8 Jan 2008, Rusty Russell wrote:

> I recently tried to use libaio (0.3.106), and discovered it didn't have
> eventfd support.  Or preadv/pwritev support.  And the testsuite didn't
> compile.  Or work.
> Anyway, it's shipped by the distros, so I figure it's worth patching.
> I'm cc'ing Ben in the hope he's still maintaining it.  If not I'll
> find a home somewhere for it.
> (Thanks for Jeff's feedback on the first version of this patch).

I've had a few asking me how to use AIO with the new eventfd thing with 
libaio, but not knowing libaio status I told them to either contact libaio 
developers or use the direct KAIO syscall interface (what I used in my 
example code).
But all ppl that asked, were libaio users, so a library update would be 
welcome from them IMO.

- Davide

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