Easy "Add/Remove Porgrams" for non-sudoers with local PREFIX?

Carsten Agger agger at c.dk
Thu Jan 3 17:20:56 UTC 2008

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Carsten Agger <agger at c.dk> writes:
>> Like in many packages, you can say
>> ./configure PREFIX=~/bin
>> you'll install the package locally and don't need to be superuser. Are
>> there any plans to integrate this functionality with synaptic/Add-Remove
>> for non-sudoers, or am I missing something?
> http://0install.net/ should do exactly what you want.
> Note that there are no plans to actively support or promote this in
> ubuntu.

Is there any reason for this - I mean, is the use case of a non-root
user wishing to install software and still using "standard" utilities
like "Add/Remove Programs" considered insignificant? Has there already
been discussions abt this and in that case, do you remember he arguments
for and against?

(Having utilities like 0install is great, but I was also thinking about
the overall userfriendliness of Ubuntu, and making it easy for non-root
users to install e.g. games from the universe repositories without
bothering the admin and without having to know how to recompile from
scratch seems like an essential use case for me.

thanks for the answer :-)



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