mulimonitor on intel using displayconfig-gtk (was Question on multi-head Dapper->Hardy upgrades)

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Sat Feb 16 23:14:00 UTC 2008

Hi, Bryce.
Sorry for the delay. I've been having trouble with Kmail in Hardy.

On Friday 15 February 2008 19:17:05 Bryce Harrington wrote:
> displayconfig-gtk determines your driver by parsing it from xorg.conf;
> recent upstream changes make dexconf no longer list the driver (although
> I think Timo restored that for Ubuntu recently).  There is no mechanism
> provided by Xorg to list the current driver, except booting X with no
> config and scanning Xorg.0.log to see what it picked.  (Upstream prefers
> going in a direction where less is included in xorg.conf anyway.)

That explains why it shows like that.
But why was it kept in hardy like that?

> Presently, the way to set up dual-monitor on Intel graphics hardware is
> to use the xrandr command line tool.  For instance, this is the line I
> put in my .xprofile:
>   xrandr --output VGA-0 --auto --left-of DVI-0 --auto

I've tried all commands I could find to run with xrandr, but --auto tends to have some strange resolution effects on my laptop.
When external VGA is a bigger LCD and my laptop LCD LVDS, I lose the bottom part of my screen.
Smaller CRT VGA (usually 1024x768 vs laptop 1280x800 12.1"), makes CRT lose a few pixels on each side.
And this is as far as I can go, and only with clone screens. NEVER extended.
Some times I just use "Grandr 0.2" applet to fix the resolution.
Another thing that I notice is that some LCDs after running xrandr --auto, make my laptop go blank (I guess the equiv to xrandr --output LVDS off

> See `man xrandr` for more info.

Been there.

> Alternately, you can configure your xrandr setup in your xorg.conf.  For
> details on doing this, here is a pretty good resource:

Thanks for the tip, but it would be nice to need to go to xorg.conf again.

> With the above goals in mind, I've taken a shot at implementing a tool
> derived from libxrandr, xrandr, and gnome-control-center's display
> capplet:

It looks great. Cant wait for it.

> I've only had 2 weeks so far working on it, but I hope to post a test
> version by next week, once I have it functioning properly.  (Currently
> it's applying the changes properly, but then the monitors lose sync.)

I'll be a nice and willing beta(or alpha) tester.

> Bryce

ps. anyone on the list know whats up with grandr?

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