How to include a part of Wine ... why include wine at all?

Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Feb 14 22:52:01 UTC 2008

Op woensdag 13-02-2008 om 19:32 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Daniel
> From Jan:
> "Not every user will be able to find those 3rd-party repositories."
> Well, most people coming from windows will be able to find those
> repositories.  The winehq website presents very clear directions on
> how to set them up, and it involves cutting and pasting two commands.
> This is a matter of opinion, and is also besides the point, since you
> can just download the latest version.  You don't need the repos.

You're obviously a "newbie" in supporting "ordinary" users...  ;-)

They don't want to enter or copy/paste magic spells.

Jan Claeys

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