How to include a part of Wine ... why include wine at all?

Stephan Hermann sh at
Thu Feb 14 09:51:22 UTC 2008

hi Daniel,

Daniel Hollocher wrote:
> Hey, good response. 
> It looks like this problem will be fixed in the future, and I see the 
> irony of to whom I originally responded to.

If you see the current development release of Ubuntu (named Hardy Heron) 
you can see, that Ubuntu is up2date with wine.
Scott Ritchie, the WineHQ Package Maintainer for Ubuntu, is working 
inside Ubuntu to give you, the user, the best wine experience.
He is doing for WineHQ some packages of newer version of Wine for older 
Ubuntu Releases, but not for the Ubuntu development release.
This will change in the future (hopefully) and all his effords will hit 
Ubuntu directly.

As, I'm just the guy who is uploading Wine to ubuntu, we are using 
Scotts packages, there is no or little difference between Scotts and our 
packages for development releases.
It's difficult for us, indeed, to provide more backports of newer wine 
versions from hardy to older releases, because of several things 
regarding packaging.
We are in need of testers and more packagers to provide this in the future.

The statement I'm making here now is this:
    It's not easy for People finding those repository, and if they find 
it, it's not easy for them, to include those 3rd party repositories into 
their system.

Further more, we, as the MOTU team, are providing support only for 
packages which are in our own repositories, not for 3rd party repositories.
So, if something goes wrong with a package of a 3rd Party repo, the user 
is alone. But he/she isn't alone with Ubuntu packages.



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