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2008/2/11 Michael T <raselmsh at>:

> I'm sorry, I am short of sleep at the moment and sent this without a
> subject.
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> Hello,
> I originally posted this as a wishlist item on Launchpad, but was advised
> to send it to the appropriate
> mailing list (so I hope that this is it :) ).  Something which slightly
> annoys me in Ubuntu (and more
> generally in KDE and Gnome) is the overuse of icons in menus.  Most (if
> not all) GUI style guidelines
> recommend only using icons in menus where they are instantly recognisable
> to the user, so that they can
> identify the menu entry from the icon faster than they would be able to
> read the menu text.  See for
> instance
> .
> In other situations, the icon slows the user down, as they will
> automatically look at the icon before they
> read the text.  If you look at for example the "K" menu in Kubuntu, you
> will see that every menu entry,
> including every application listed, has an icon next to it, which to my
> mind makes it look somewhat
> unprofessional.
> Does anyone else have thoughts on this?  I realise of course that in many
> cases this is something that can
> only be fixed upstream, but I wanted to start a discussion somewhere :)
> Regards,
> Michael
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> address for posting to mailing
> lists and things where it will be publically visible.
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I actually find it more annoying to not have an icon.  For example, in my
Gutsy build w/ KDE4 running I have Konsole showing up as kde4-konsole
withouth the icon in the Application Launcher.  To me this is more annoying
and unproffesional looking then having the icon there.  But its probablly
something I did that has changed my system that way.

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