Miro (Re: New Programs for Hardy?)

Evan eapache at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 21:10:11 UTC 2008

Miro starts up with about 35MB of ram, and maxes out around 100MB, but only
after downloading and watching a lot of stuff, and browsing many channels.
When it starts for the first time, and you point it to any videos you
already have on disk, it generates thumbnails for every one. This process is
extremely slow (about 10 seconds of 100% cpu for one thumbnail on my PC) and
kicks ram usage up a good 50MB, but once all the thumbnails have been
generated, miro is actually quite snappy, and i haven't had any real
problems with it.

After getting it set up, it doesn't use any more resources than Firefox, so
it wouldn't really raise the system requirements, however it uses a ton of
bandwith, and is fairly large. My thought is to include it in the main repo,
but not on the CD.
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