Miro (Re: New Programs for Hardy?)

Evan eapache at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 20:31:05 UTC 2008

700Mhz, 500Mhz? OK, I cede! Apparently my 10-year old desktop is one of the
faster computers around :P It does look like 256MB ram is the lowest you'll
see running vanilla Ubuntu though. My setup only takes 50MB on a fresh boot,
but I know that vanilla Ubuntu takes around 150MB, so including Miro would
significantly boost the system requirements.

Just for kicks, I downloaded and installed the latest version from the miro
repos (1.1.2). Upon running, it crashed because I don't have firefox
installed (opera is faster). I'll install firefox and get back on how well
it works, but this is something that should be fixed in the packaging: miro
depends on firefox.

On 2/9/08, Greg K Nicholson <greg at gkn.me.uk> wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 13:09 -0500, Evan wrote:
> > I'm typing this on a P3 1Ghz with 256MB of ram. Ubuntu runs moderately
> > slowly but easily survivable.
> ...
> > I'd say that this is about the lowest-end pc you'll find normal Ubuntu
> > installed on though.
> 1 GHz? Luxury! I run Ubuntu on a ~700-MHz Athlon, albeit with 376.5 MB
> of memory.
> Miro doesn't work, but I think that's the dodgy Nvidia driver (the
> open-source one) rather than the slow processor.
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