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> On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 17:51:41 +0200
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> > 2008/12/27 richard <richard.bown at>:
> > > But if some one gives you a CD saying this is a complete distro,
> > > surely no matter how thicK you are you must realise that a
> > > complete distro can not fit on a 700Mb CD, therefore there is
> > > more to be loaded, and when it sets up the inet connection it
> > > should be obvious that is where the additional  is coming from.
> > >
> > 
> > Apparently your definition of complete differs from the common
> > definition.
> > 
> > In any case, go ask the average joe what the storage capacity of a
> > CD-R is. Now ask him what size an average Linux distro might be. Now
> > ask him if that Linux distro will likely or likely not fit on that
> > disk.
> > 
> > Ask a non-geek friend, or relative. Because according to Bug #1,
> > that is Ubuntu's target audience.
> > 
> No I think your being far to kind
> OK lets take Mr Joe average, if he's considering linux its because he
> fed up with Gatesware.
> He knows that if he buys a copy of windows 1 CD maybe 2
> he knows that if he wants MS Office another CD
> He knows that games is another CD/game
> everyday apps stuff for the kids etc that's another couple of CDs.
> So Mr average knows by default that the bundle of applications with
> Linux is more than one CD.
> Or are we talking about the bottom end of the human pool of users.
> the ones that buy every thing ready loaded from PC *, we it goes wrong
> which winders always does, they take it back to the store and their
> techguys charge them , what $100
> and after they have done that a few times they get told and believe
> that they need the next version of winders. that how Gates and stores
> like PC* survive. the live of the ignorance of their users.
> Mr average user is capable of reading, he/she is reasonably web
> literate, their knowledge is a bit greater than their kids. and as 
> such there is no excuse for not knowing the size and capacity of a CD.
> Look at the ways most linux users were introduced to linux.
> By a friend who gave them the install disc , in that case the friend
> will assist with install.
> By googling around the distro sites, most that find Ubuntu will
> realise now that its the only release  that's basically free, gratis.
> That may indicate we all have inherited the scrooge gene, the moans
> about ISPs charging for additional downloads would indicate some truth
> in this.
> If you were going to mail shot the population of any country with
> install CDs, then you would have to put a download warning on the
> packet,
> but as the route they chose to get to linux has been then own, they
> are obviously capable of reading and don't need warning that the bulk
> of the package has to be downloaded from somewhere.
> The other proof of the process of selection of Ubuntu users, is it
> has 3 syllables, so we are protected from those who can only manage
> two ie.
> XP, windows vista and there's more,
> but this is using valuable drinking and eating time at this time of
> year

My own questions to the "average joe" that uses Windows is they are
somewhat shocked if they can load linux from a single CD! They expect
it to be several cd's if it does include an Office suite, Graphics
program, games, etc. There is never a second thought that everything
might not be on that _one_ CD they can get. Nor is there any thought of
having to be online to get all that. Windows needs several CD's, yes,
but you put linux on JUST ONE? 

just my 2 cents (U.S.A.)

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