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Manish at
Wed Dec 24 08:47:04 UTC 2008

Sambit Bikas Pal wrote:
> This may be  insignificant issue to most users, but for people who
> have to pay for their bandwidth per MB of usage, this is not really a
> very insignificant issue. In many countries bandwidth is still a very
> scare resource. My ISP imposes a 1GB limit (alas!) on usage after
> which they charge for each MB of data transferred. In our region we
> don't really have an option to change the ISP either, as this is the
> only affordable option. This may seem ridiculous to people from
> developed countries, but in most developing countries the situation is
> similar if not worse when it comes to internet connectivity. A few
> hundred MBs of excess downloads does matter. So it would be better if
> the Installer asks for confirmation (just like the update-manager
> does) from the user before downloading the updates. Infact while
> installation I turn of my modem, to prevent automatic downloads.
I agree with Sambit, I too have a 1GB cap my monthly bandwidth and its 
akward. 1GB isnt enough even for browsing, leave alone downloading and P2P.

I suppose the ubuntu installer should ask for downloading updates and 
then continue. A better option would be to do all these install after 
installation is over. The latter is better since people do ask "How much 
time does Ubuntu take to install?". Time for downloading and installing 
updates are also counted in the install time though it can be avoided. 
We can then claim that Ubuntu install faster than other OS and distros.

If the latter recommendation is not implemented, the former should be 
implemented, ask before you download. There is absolutely no harm in 
connecting all by itself to the ADSL connection.

As for Peter, the situation is no so grave as it looks. It can be 
irritating, but not such that you leave using Ubuntu and starts mouthing 
against it. If you have any suggestion, you are free to make a wishlist. 
This is the charm of ubuntu - great userbase and everyone has a say. You 
can use the brainstorm ara to promote your ideas. The problem only 
arises if you have a cap on the monthly bandwidth.

Manish Sinha

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