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On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 02:11, Felipe Figueiredo <philsf79 at> wrote:
> Peter,
>> Then came the deathnell for using the system because at 82% of
> The subject seems much more harsh than the body. The only complaint, as I see
> it, is a lack of notification on what the update process means during
> installation. This should be considered a minoir wishlist bug against the
> installer.
This may be  insignificant issue to most users, but for people who
have to pay for their bandwidth per MB of usage, this is not really a
very insignificant issue. In many countries bandwidth is still a very
scare resource. My ISP imposes a 1GB limit (alas!) on usage after
which they charge for each MB of data transferred. In our region we
don't really have an option to change the ISP either, as this is the
only affordable option. This may seem ridiculous to people from
developed countries, but in most developing countries the situation is
similar if not worse when it comes to internet connectivity. A few
hundred MBs of excess downloads does matter. So it would be better if
the Installer asks for confirmation (just like the update-manager
does) from the user before downloading the updates. Infact while
installation I turn of my modem, to prevent automatic downloads.

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