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Olá Vu e a todos.

On Saturday 23 August 2008 06:47:13 Vu Nguyen wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I don't know where to start but let me introduce myself. I am a IT
> contractor, mainly work with school in Mebourne, Australia. Recently I saw
> the Edubuntu project and I am very interesting in it. I am going to deploy
> that in one school to see how do the teachers react. From my point of view,
> there are something that will be strong point is Interactive WhiteBoard
> (IWB). I have seen that recently in Australia now more and more schools they
> are interesting in deploying whiteboard, which is really a board where the
> projector throw the image on, that board is connected with the computer and
> when you click on start, it will act like you click mouse on that. Currently
> those softwares only for Windows, if we can make the board work with
> Edubuntu, and with the software collection of Edubuntu, it will be a plus
> and a strong point for us to convince the school to deploy them. 

I've made some Ubuntu classes connected to one of those White boards, and it works as expected. The pen works as a mouse pointer without any problem.

> Also the character regcognition is something that we also should have a look at.

I dont know about the char recognition, but I guess you can make Orca to work as a virtual keyboard.

> A few things to start with.
> And after that is something that I am looking forward to do:
> How to mass deploy them (similar to Ghost)

Do try Clonezilla. at least its FOSS, and the development version is based on Ubuntu Hardy.

> Report package (they currently using Markbook/SAS)
> Email alternative for Outlook, (they are using Echange server)

Evolution, Thunderbird,Kmail, all good choices for the client side.
On the server side Postfix (for SMTP), and dovecot (for POP3/IMAP4).

> Multimedia (Movie, Video editing): THis is something that I don't think a
> big problem, seems we have plenty good softwares out there.
> School admin package....

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