Problem with hotkey-setup

Travis Place wishie at
Wed Aug 20 19:17:41 UTC 2008

Hi all,

First of all, im not on the mailing list, so please post replies to my 

I have been tracking down a problem on my (K)Ubuntu installs for a few days, 
and found out what the issue is..

Basically, on my HP DV2839TX laptop, if i press the button to disable/enable 
the touchpad, the event XF86Launch0 is triggered, and this causes KMilo (in 
kubuntu) and something else (cant remember the name) in Ubuntu to crash. This 
then stops all my other "extra" keys on my laptop from working. I believe the 
problem lies in hotkey-setup, and my laptop seems to use '' file.

Also, of all the buttons on this laptop, 2 have never worked (in Ubuntu or 
Kubuntu) and they are the 'Quickplay' and 'DVD' buttons.

So i guess, my question is, how can I a) aid in getting this issue resolved 
for this model laptop, and change the event trigged on pressing certain 
buttons b) do it myself.

Thanks in advance,
Travis Place (wishie)

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