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Xavier Claessens xclaesse at
Sun Aug 10 15:57:03 UTC 2008

2008/8/10 Luke L <lukehasnoname at>

> I'm skeptical about this. I personally have never heard of this software
> before this email. Pidgin is cross-platform and elegant, easy to use, and
> extensible. Also, (I know this is hearsay) I've heard people mention the
> idea of removing EKIGA as not enough people use it to warrant it being a
> default program! So according to such a claim, there is certainly not enough
> demand for video and voice to warrant switching from Pidgin

IMHO, empathy has a faaar easier, more elegant and nicer UI than pidgin.
Nothing can be more extensible than Empathy because any program has the full
access to all IM features through the DBus interfaces defined in the
telepathy framework.

> Pidgin works terrificly, and is stable. Ekiga covers the rest. This would
> be a pretty big switch in terms of volume of users, and Intrepid is only 2.5
> months away. I believe this should be put on hold.

Ekiga does only Audio/Video for SIP, it will probably never do other
protocols. Empathy already supports SIP+XMPP and MSN is on the way.

Xavier Claessens
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