Call for testing empathy

Onkar Shinde onkarshinde at
Sat Aug 9 00:14:16 UTC 2008

> Empathy[1] will be part of the upcoming GNOME 2.24 desktop.
> The ubuntu desktop team considers using it instead of Pidgin for
> intrepid as default IM client.

I request not to replace pidgin with empathy for following main reasons:
1. I believe empathy is relatively young project compared to pidgin
and has not received enough testing. I feel that the testing in
alpha/beta cycle will not be enough as compared to when people can try
empathy in all it's glory in a stable release. When I say 'all it's
glory' I mean everything including the VoIP features.
2. There are too many extensions out there for pidgin which is not yet
the case for empathy. This is something similar to how firefox vs
epiphany situation is.

This is my personal opinion and I am not sure how many agree with it.
But I hope it will be given a thought while making decision.


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