Pulseaudio/Jack in Ubuntu Hardy

Gonz Hauser gonzhauser at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 29 16:45:44 UTC 2008

> First point, consider that it is not possible to run Pro-Tools,
> Logic, or even easier application like Tracktion without a bit of
> tweaking. Second point, it is not possible to watch a film on the
> Pro-Tools sound card when you are using the application you need a
> second sound card. I don't speak of course of Mbox, etc..., but true
> Pro-Tools HD cards. First point, I can't understand the interest of
> watching a DVD when working on audio or recording a session. No
> serious guy would do that, or maybe I am too serious.


> Instead of complaining that it is not working like YOU want, perhaps
> can you explain what is the purpose, your specific need, etc... ? Do
> you need to record the sound of a movie into an Ardour session or
> something like that ? Please provide some infos, and we will help you
> to find the good way to work.

I don't want to listen to CDs/DVDS and work in Ardour *simultaneously* 
bit I want to be able to;

1. Watch a DVD/listen to some music
2. Work with ardour
3. Watch a DVD/listen again to some music

_without_ starting/stopping jackd or manually tweaking configure scripts.

> Please, don't consider that answer as an attack. But please, too,
> give a bit more explanation about your need.

Thank you for answering my emails in the first time. :)
I understand that for professional work with many tracks/effects/etc you 
have to have a professional sound card. I think you can do professional 
work _without_ one, for example recording single tracks for later use.
As I mentioned this is frequently done by professional 
composers/musicians that I know of.
So the only thing I complain about is a working ardour after first 

Consider two users, A is a professional and B is a hobbyist.

Now it is:
A has to configure ardour/his sound card to get a professional music 
workstation, and B installs ardour, gets a mysterious error message 
(your hard disk is too slow!) and immediately returns to W*****s!

I think it should be:
A has again to configure everything, but B installs ardour and gets a 
nicely working piece of software with easy record and playback.
B is happy and tells C to use Linux for his recordings/compositions.

I think this could be done by routing audio data from ardour via jack to 



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