Pulseaudio/Jack in Ubuntu Hardy

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at club.fr
Tue Apr 29 15:41:55 UTC 2008

Please don't take my remarks so badly! I did not said I was smarter than
every audio packager in Ubuntu, nor did I said this was absolutely
required for Ubuntu to be something usable and that else I'd immediately
go to Windows. Believe it if you want: I'm not even personally
interested in getting Ardour working out of the box since I don't use
it. And I'm okay to configure jackd myself for use with Rosegarden
(which AFAIK needs jack) - actually on my computer it requires no
configuration but the defaults.

I perfectly agree with you that as soon as you want to make your
computer something quite serious you need to configure things. But what
you managed until now not to answer to is: would basic defaults making
jackd output to PulseAudio hurt anybody? Sure it would be slow, it would
not be serious at all, but would it allow people that can stand that use
JACK then? Others, as you said, will configure it.

I'm not asking you to implement it, I'm just looking for a possible
theoretical solution. As a user I guess I can help by telling developers
what users may like to see.

Have a good day

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