Discussion agenda for UDS-Intrepid around the integration of Elisa media center

Alessandro Decina alessandro.d at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 11:58:58 UTC 2008


We would like to discuss the integration of a default media center solution
in the Ubuntu desktop at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the Intrepid Ibex.

The goal is to give Ubuntu users an out of the box, easy to use,
well integrated and appealing multimedia application allowing them to enjoy
their multimedia content.

Competing desktops such as Mac OS/X provide their users with an
immediate solution
to browse their content and retrieve content from the Internet in a very visual,
intuitive and beautiful user interface. This is a fundamental part of
the end user
experience and makes a big difference in the overall feeling of the desktop.

Major key elements towards success are:
- giving users a both usable and very attractive user interface
- perfect integration with the user's desktop (cross-application
  visual integration, etc.)
- it should work out of the box

Members of the Elisa media center team and of the Ubuntu media center team are
willing to attend the Ubuntu developer summit for the Intrepid Ibex in order to
gather around a specification. The basic idea is to take the Elisa media center
and make the necessary adaptation to fit all the use cases that will
be discussed.
Elisa has already an interesting UI and comes with an extensible framework
that would ease the task by an order of magnitude.

A specification has been created [1] and is in a drafting state at the
moment. Anyone
is welcome to participate.

An important and very practical point is that we would like to know who is
interested in discussing it at UDS-Intrepid and on what days so that we can book
plane tickets and so on.

Have a nice day,

Alessandro Decina
Florian Boucault

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/elisa-integration

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