A note for translators regarding bootloader message

Przemysław Kulczycki przemekkulczycki at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 13:36:42 UTC 2008

I know that we're already behind the translation freeze, but there is 
something that many translators translate wrong.
In the livecd bootloader, upon entering Try Ubuntu there is a briefly 
displayed string "Loading Linux kernel" which many translators translate 
as "Loading Linux's kernel" (Loading kernel of Linux) which is wrong, 
because Linux doesn't have a kernel, Linux _is the kernel_. So the 
string should be translated to mean "Loading kernel named Linux" rather 
than "Loading kernel of Linux".
Polish translators already fixed that after my report to one of them.
But this bug is at least in 3 translations - I've checked it in Hardy RC 
for Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian, which are similar enough to Polish so 
I can understand them.
Other translations should be checked too.
I've checked that Russian translation is ok.
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