make information for installing Ubuntu from a USB flash drive easily accessible

Onno Benschop onno at
Sun Apr 20 07:55:59 UTC 2008

On 20/04/08 15:36, Jerone Young wrote:
> I think what he means is adding a page that is easily accessible to
> you know .. the average guys. These are not on any of the offical
> pages. Would be nice (and probably more environmental friendly) if
> more users knew that you could use a USB key to install.
After hitting send I realised that my contribution to the list and
Alexander's request was not as constructive as it could have been. For
that I apologise. Your follow-up email offers me the opportunity to
remedy that.

The first step to an "official" page is to create an "unofficial" page.
I should also point out that the gap between "official" and "unofficial"
is almost arbitrary in the age of integrated search engines. If you
present a page that contains a well documented and thoughtful process,
that is peer reviewed, that contains test cases and follows
documentation standards, then your "unofficial" page will be of a
similar reach and utility to your intended audience.

Perhaps you and Alexander should join forces and create a page
documenting the process on the wiki.

Once the document has been drafted and once you've had a few people test
it and comment on it, you might present the completed page here and ask
the question again. I suspect a more fruitful path is that you might
discuss your drafted page with the documentation team.

It may well be that your page grows and becomes part of the "official"
documentation, or it may just retain its "unofficial" status - this
really should be of limited concern in my opinion. Once a process is
documented it becomes available to the wider community and that should
in my opinion be what drives your contribution.

A USB flash installation may be vital for you, perhaps it's even vital
to others, but unless it's documented, it doesn't exist.

Onno Benschop

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