i18n in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS - great work! (& current status)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 15:17:26 UTC 2008


I'd just like to thank everyone who has fixed i18n problems and helped
me to get some of the fixes to the archive et cetera to make Ubuntu
8.04 LTS the best localized release ever! The Firefox translations are
now finally starting to get in, thanks to (very) hard work being done
by the Mozilla team and others, and with those the most important i18n
stuff will be done.

I'd like to emphasize this's mainly about Ubuntu in its default
installation, and of course assuming that translations have been done
in upstream & Rosetta to the extent possible (this is about i18n bugs,
not about the amount of localization done). Some extra programs have
varying amount of i18n problems.

I don't have unlimited amount of free-time, so I haven't had much time
for Kubuntu, but I know it has more i18n problems (just try Kubuntu in
your favorite language, it should not be too hard to find English
spots here and there). So here's hoping the Kubuntu people also
activate to start filing bugs, and especially fixing i18n bugs related
to the default Kubuntu installation for the next release.

Out of the problematic points described in my previous mail a month
ago, and new ones I've noticed since, only very few remain:

- Ubuntu's graphical installer is not perfect yet, but the most
visible ones are now fixed and the rest are scheduled for 8.04.1.
Thanks! The larger issue of language support downloading silently
failing, instead of guiding the user during or after installation,
when Internet connection is not available is an issue still
unresolved, though: see

- Hardware Testing (hwtest) has not seen a real package update since,
but the current bzr trunk would have all the i18n issues solved.

- Examples directory link untranslated (old&hard bug #45489)

- network-manager-gnome upload pending with an i18n-fixed nm-editor

...well, that was it!


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