Upgrading Hardy Heron 8.04 Beta to Linux kernel .16 breaks it; it won't boot.

Henrik Johansson dahankzter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 05:30:48 UTC 2008


Do you have a TV card?

I have a TV card and i think this is why it fails. If you try to boot
one of the newer kernels 15 or 16 in recovery mode you may see some
hints about it being the TV card. I get a full stop right after some
messages about Hauppauge and modprobe exiting abnormally.

I do believe there is a bug filed already concerning this but i am not
sure of its status. 

I have to use kernel 14 to boot at all now which while it is not a
disaster its not really cool.

/ Hank

tis 2008-04-15 klockan 13:01 -0500 skrev Jim and Judi Harris:
> Hi. This is my first post to this kind of list. I'm not a Linux newbie
> but close to it. I've been using Ubuntu for the last few years (and
> tried a few other versions before that), but mostly as a "Typical
> Windows User", where I focus mostly on using the applications, not the
> OS. Anyway, perhaps because of that orientation, I have chosen Ubuntu
> and love it, and have switched all my learning efforts to applications
> that Ubuntu supports, e.g. Mythbuntu, StreamRipper, DVD authoring,
> OpenOffice (tho I'm getting real disappointed in Writer compared to M$
> Word), lots more.
> So here's my problem report: I burned a verified ISO of Hardy Beta a
> couple weeks ago, and it installed flawlessly (after CD Check OK) on a
> new hard drive in a 5-year-old box I own, and I was using it a little
> with no problems on and off for a couple weeks, then last weekend it
> told me it had a bunch of updates (about 150 MB or 150 packages; I'm
> not sure) and that went flawlwssly too, and I did some more stuff and
> shut down normally. Now, when I power on, it appears to boot OK up to
> where the little orange thingie stops shuttling back and forth, and
> becomes a normal "progress bar", then it goes about 3 jumps till it's
> about 15% done and then just sits there forever. So I power off and
> on, then choose the previous version from the GRUB menu (I think it's
> kernel .12 to boot OK, rather than the .16 that fails). I will be
> happy to send some startup logs or sys info or whatever would help,
> but I don't know how to get them. I can run Terminal and browse the
> Filesystem and Locate and install new tools via the Package Manager.
> So if you want me to run some command-line utility, maybe with sudo,
> please tell me exactly what to type and I will pipe the output to a
> file and send it to you or whatever will help.
> In general, I would like to learn what troubleshooting/diagnostic
> tools I should use in a situation like this, so if you want to send me
> some URLs to those I will learn some more.
> Sincerely,
> Jim Harris
> -- 
> When sitting down in front of a computer to do
> something useful, never say, or even think,
> "I will just do this quickly."

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