hardy release freeze, coming soon to an archive near you

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Wed Apr 9 22:54:32 UTC 2008

Il giorno mer, 09/04/2008 alle 12.36 -0700, Steve Langasek ha scritto:
> Hi Wouter,

> > >  If there are other bugs that you believe are important to fix before the
> > >  release which are not yet listed on the above pages, please get in touch
> > >  with me or another member of the release team.

May I suggest and motivate the following three:


because it will break networking for people who upgrade and, not even
knowing why, you can't evaluate the impact of the bug (it could be
thousands of people who *will* be angry with ubuntu after upgrade and
not without a reason)


because it always worked before gutsy, and it is a pity that when I go
around the world at conferences, instead of showing my shiny ubuntu
desktop and make good publicity to it, I have to say that ubuntu breaks
my vgaout hence I want someone else's laptop (no, I don't reboot in
windows, that would be too bad publicity for myself :) ).


because it's a plain shame, and because I was told, before gutsy, that I
started testing too late and so I could not ask to have it fixed for
gutsy, and my heart still bleeds for that comment, and because the most
likely environment to use ubuntu is academia, and in academia you do
print a lot of pdf files. And, also, because my heart still bleeds, so
please fix my heart.

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