Fedora 9 Beta does sound. Ubuntu Hardy does not?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Wed Apr 9 00:27:09 UTC 2008

Both are betas and both use PulseAudio.

Why is it that it works out of the box in Fedora but not in Ubuntu?

All things being equal, I *much* prefer Ubuntu but not having sound 
doesn't make things equal.

This is driving me mad.

I just did (yet another) fresh install of Hardy yesterday with the most 
current daily live CD.

The only sounds I hear are at GDM login screen and when I do the hardware 

Otherwise, nothing, nada, zilch.

Double-click on any file in /usr/share/hwtest/data.  Totem opens, appears 
to be playing but no sound.

Import music collection into RhythmBox, play one of the songs (in FLAC, 
ogg & mp3). Nothing.

Try to view an ogg Video file in Totem.  I can see it but I can't hear it.

What is Fedora doing right? Why does this work out of the box there but 
not here?

Again I REALLY prefer Ubuntu, but not without sound.

Yes, I've (added to) bug reports...

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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