Massive breakage on my system with April 1st updates

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Wed Apr 2 01:29:32 UTC 2008

Conrad Knauer wrote:
>>  You manually installed the 2.6.24-13 kernel, right?
> All I did was press the "Reload", "Mark all upgrades" and "Apply"
> buttons in Synaptic.
> [...]
> AH!!!  I see what happened:
> I have virtualbox-ose-modules-generic installed, which just upgraded
> its latest version depends on virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-13-generic
> which in turn depends on linux-image-2.6.24-13-generic

Daniel, please wait for linux-meta to be updated before changing your 
package to depend upon the new kernel - you do temporarily "break" 
systems by doing this.



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