regular fsck runs are too disturbing

Milan nalimilan at
Thu Sep 27 14:01:14 UTC 2007

And how about using ReiserFS by default, or any other journaled
filesystem that doesn't require fsck to run regularly? I'm using
reiser3, and I hadn't noticed that fsck was run by default on startup
until a friend of mine installed Ubuntu with standard settings (i.e.
with ext3).

>From Wikipedia: "ReiserFS is the default file system on the Slackware
<>, Xandros
<>, Yoper
<>, Linspire
<>, GoboLinux
<>, Kurumin Linux
<>, FTOSX and Libranet
<> Linux distributions
<>. ReiserFS was the
default file system in Novell <>'s
SUSE Linux Enterprise until Novell decided to move to ext3
<> on October 12
<>, 2006
<>^ for future releases."
Why did Novell went back to ext3?

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