regular fsck runs are too disturbing

Oystein Viggen oysteivi at
Thu Sep 27 10:53:18 UTC 2007

* ["Waldemar Kornewald"] 

> Isn't a hardware defect the main reason a file system can be corrupted
> without a crash? There can be serious FS bugs, but aren't those very
> rare, anyway? What else could lead to FS corruption?

SMART only catches hard drive defects.  Some other things that (I think
more frequently) can lead to file system corruption, even on a system
that seems to be running just fine, are:

- Small RAM errors
- Overheating components
- Overclocked components
- Software bugs (kernel/VFS/filesystem driver)
- Hardware bugs

SMART won't help you there.  Only fsck will.

Currently, I believe there is a check during boot to see if the system
is running on battery power, and if so, delay the fsck for 10 more
mounts or until the system is booted with mains power again.

Other suggestions have been to have a (kernel?) thread/process in the
background constantly checking your filesystem when the system is
otherwise idle.  The same type of process for background defragging has
also been suggested.  However, I am not aware of anyone ever
implementing a workable prototype of such a system for Linux.

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