Graphical installer for the alternate CD?

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at
Mon Sep 24 11:33:37 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head <burner <at>> writes:
> The obvious suggestion is to use the alternate CD, but a graphical
> installer that has lower system resources would be nice. Or even if the
> Desktop CD had a boot mode that could launch the GUI installer using
> directfb-gtk (is that still around anymore?) without loading all of X
> and the entire desktop.

What I have been doing on my 240MB (256MB minus 16MB for the graphics card)
laptop is to log in to a "Failsafe xterm" session and launch ubiquity from
there. This way to skip the gnome circus has always made it. You might prefer to
start the metacity& window manager before starting ubiquity.

Maybe this would be easy enough to add as an option to the gdm session selection?


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