Graphical installer for the alternate CD?

Michael R. Head burner at
Mon Sep 24 01:42:06 UTC 2007

I was just talking a friend through a Live CD install of feisty on an
older machine. It has 256M of RAM and no swap partition. This
configuration runs the desktop CD very poorly. I have a similarly
configured machine here, and the booting to the desktop takes 30
minutes. I configured the same machine with a swap partition, and the
boot took around 8 minutes. When configured with 512M and a swap
partition, boot time is about 5 minutes. What's more, with the swap
partition, the desktop is actually usable, since apps get cached in

The obvious suggestion is to use the alternate CD, but a graphical
installer that has lower system resources would be nice. Or even if the
Desktop CD had a boot mode that could launch the GUI installer using
directfb-gtk (is that still around anymore?) without loading all of X
and the entire desktop.

Michael R. Head <burner at>

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