That need to close bugs?

Fergal Daly fergal at
Mon Sep 17 09:27:49 UTC 2007

On 12/09/2007, Onno Benschop <onno at> wrote:
>    2. While Dapper isn't the bleeding edge of Ubuntu, code that exists
>       in Dapper exists in Feisty and Gutsy today. That implies that bugs
>       that exist in Dapper are also likely to exist. Disk space is
>       cheap. A computer is great at searching stuff. Leave the bug in
>       the system, leave it open so others can stumble upon it and not
>       feel that they are the first to experience this problem. Debugging
>       is as much about writing code as it is about the "ah-ha" moment in
>       which someone determines the cause of the problem.

What is the rationale behind skipping closed bugs in a search? I've
been burned by this in the past.

I can understand why the QA guys or the even developers would want
this but for a user, who is actually making the effort to not only
report a bug but to search for dups first, why would they want to
ignore closed bugs? Closed bugs often contain exactly what that user
needs - a workaround or a timeline for the fix to be released,


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