The latest amd64 nightly desktop ISO is 730 megs

Murat Gunes mgunes at
Mon Sep 17 04:51:42 UTC 2007

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> In this case it didn't - I didn't even come across a warning.  

In I can clearly see that 
there are two files that end with .OVERSIZED; I guess the capitalization 
is to draw attention to the fact. You could also check for the presence 
of the file with a script to determine whether a particular day's image 
is oversized or not.

You may want to file a bug in the ubuntu-cdimage product at Launchpad if 
you feel the warning should be in some other form and/or made more explicit.

> Honestly it would be best if no image was made, rather than an unburnable one.
> Nothing wrong with skipping a few days when the nightly isn't buildable.

Even though a VM isn't the ideal way to test, it's usable for many 
testing cases, and the fact that oversized images are still usable in a 
VM should be enough of a reason to keep building them.


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