The latest amd64 nightly desktop ISO is 730 megs

Scott Ritchie scott at
Mon Sep 17 04:41:53 UTC 2007

Murat Gunes wrote:
> Bryce wrote:
>> That really does not make any sense if thats the case.  What is the 
>> point in making daily images available for testing if know one is going 
>> to be able to use them? 
> Not many daily images end up oversized. If it were a substantial
> percentage of all images, you'd have a point. With the current state of
> things, people can wait a day, or two at worst, or use the image from a
> day or two before (I think jidgo is not an option with the live CDs, but
> should be usable with the alternate CD; I'd be happy if someone could
> confirm this). It's not realistic to expect all uploads to be concerted
> to such an extent as to be able to meet a certain maximum size on a
> daily basis.
> Scott Ritchie wrote:
>> Perhaps the build script should throw up a warning somewhere.  Otherwise
>> there's almost no point to having them.
> I think it creates files that end with .OVERSIZED corresponding to the
> image that ends up being oversized.
> m.

In this case it didn't - I didn't even come across a warning.  Honestly
it would be best if no image was made, rather than an unburnable one.
Nothing wrong with skipping a few days when the nightly isn't buildable.

Scott Ritchie

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