That need to close bugs?

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Thu Sep 13 00:38:50 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 03:19:17 Alexandre Strube wrote:
> 2007/9/12, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at>:
> A bug report takes up exactly the same amount of disk space regardless
> > of whether it is open or closed.
> >
> > What's most important is making the best use of developer time. That in
> > turn requires making the best use of QA time, because an efficient QA
> > team will be more likely to convey accurately which bugs developers
> > should be working on.
> >
> > So the QA team need to balance the probability that aggressively
> > declining incomplete bug reports will lead to more duplicates being
> > reported, against the probability that leaving bug reports open will
> > make searching harder and slow down QA in general.
> Matthew,
> there are important bugs not being fixed from version to version, but
> instead being closed.
> A new release that doesn't fix a bug must not close the bug just because it
> was posted a long time ago or because the OP is not a debugging expert.
> This generates two things:
> - Other people will report it again. Newer reports are not necessairily
> better than a "mee too" with more detail on a bug.
> - Frustration, as the poster will not find the same error with other
> people, and waste time looking if the problem is his.
> I've passed through both situations recently. One for a prism54 hardware,
> where the bug was recently closed on hardware. The kernel reported that my
> hardware is faulty as soon as I upgraded from feisty to gutsy. Damn, how
> can it be faulty? I just used it to download the 700mb+ of the upgrade!
> Then, I searched for the bug on launchpad and nothing. Lacking a cd to
> reinstall Ubuntu (and no network on ubuntu anymore), I installed a windows
> just to be able to test the prism54 card again.
> The card worked perfectly. I then went to launchpad again (about three
> hours later) to submit the bug. When I submitted, I found a similar one,
> closed.
> This is what I call frustration...

As a member of -QA that close bugs with no response how would you then argue 
dealing with the bug if the person is not responding.  I have closed several 
bugs with no resposne because I wasn't seeing the bug on my system, but that 
might have been because the bug was fixed by an update and the reporter just 
hasn't updated the status of the bug.

I think to help this is if there was some way to set a "reminder" email if the 
reporter would want to subscribe to a bug, they get an email after X days of 
no update saying "there was a bug reported by you, was it fixed?" or 
something like that.

I've closed plenty of bugs because of no response from the orginial reporter 
and hope we continue.  this trims down the list of bugs that are actually 


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