That need to close bugs?

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Sep 11 22:41:17 UTC 2007

Alexandre Strube wrote:
> I want to raise something here...
> One of the things that made me take some distance from daily ubuntu 
> development was a raid of newer people which closes the bugs for 
> whatever reason. If the bug is not good enough for them, they close. 
> This is more or less an example:
> <>
> yes, the guy did not provide the information required. Does this mean 
> that the bug vanished magically? No. In fact, the prism54 status is 
> REGRESSION from feisty to gutsy. But why would I bother to post a bug, 
> just to be closed for any reason? (This is only an example. There are 
> several others)

I see no mention of Gutsy on that bug, only Dapper. We have to focus on 
the bugs that have a good chance of being fixed because there are so 
many reports. That generally means bugs that are confirmed in the 
development release and have the relevant info attached.

Brian did explicitly write "please reopen it if you can give us the 
missing information", which seems fair. The submitter gets another 
reminder of the outstanding bug as it's closed. It may result in a few 
new bugs being submitted as issues are discovered by other people, but 
then it's more likely to be tested on a more recent version.


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