Grouping preferences/Administration items?

Martin Olsson mnemo at
Sun Oct 28 22:17:51 UTC 2007

Milan wrote:
> At least, there is a logic: Preferences are/should be for user settings,
> Administration for system-wide, often requiring admin rights settings.
> Still, there are issues with this classification: the Network Tools are
> not settings at all, Hardware Information is in preferences (see bug
> 147152)...

For a developer this is is very natural; user prefs vs system-wide. 
However, I doubt that most non-technical end users will perceive this 
split as naturally. I know for sure that my mom wouldn't understand why 
she needs to enter a password to change the clock and no password to 
change the desktop wallpaper.

So, this might very well be one of those things that come very natural 
to people who understand the code etc but which takes a long time to 
understand for an actual user.


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