regular fsck runs are too disturbing

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Mon Oct 22 00:51:03 UTC 2007

I think that there is an occasional need to check the file system for
errors, but I think that it might work better as an optional, but
"highly recommended" thing.

Here's another case in point:

I have been working to set up an Ubuntu-based Asterisk phone server at
my workplace.  For this application, having to wait even 1 minute for
the system to reboot (if necessary) is barely tolerable, but if it ever
has to be restarted for any reason, and then insists on spending the
next 5 minutes doing a fsck, thus rendering the business phone-less,
that would surely make my employers very frustrated.

I'm sure this has already been discussed, but I wish to add my opinion
to that of others who believe that a better solution is needed.  Surely,
fsck is a really good idea, but for certain uses of Ubuntu, it's really
not practical.  I'm sure that something else can be devised.

Keep up the good work.


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