A tricky situation in malone bug 60995

Scott James Remnant scott at ubuntu.com
Sun Oct 21 23:06:47 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-10-21 at 17:45 -0700, Martin Olsson wrote:

> Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > On Sunday 21 October 2007 14:08, Martin Olsson wrote:
> > 
> >> And to justify this crippled BACKSPACE key you still would have to
> >> explain why this is not a problem on Windows ("the main platform of
> >> ignorant computer users")? Why is it that Firefox on Windows still has
> >> this "really serious data loss problem"? Maybe it's because if someone
> >> made a change like this in Firefox on Windows people would be converting
> >> back IE "en masse". Of course, this is Linux so people don't have a
> >> choice (unless they want to go proprietary and use Opera).
> >>
> > No.  The fact that it is a problem is sufficient.
> To some extent this is a "color of the bikeshed" (*) kind of issue, so 
> it's important to end it once the most important arguments had been laid 
> out. For my part, I've made all the points I wanted to make around this 
> issue so this will be my last post on this thread before some actual 
> progress is made. A big thanks to all the people that helped clarify the 
> arguments on both sides. I certainly hope that TB will review this 
> issue, but in the end it's their call of course.
The TB will not make any call until the matter is referred to the TB --
and that should only happen once dialogue here has broken down and no
consensus reached.

Scott James Remnant
scott at ubuntu.com
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