A tricky situation in malone bug 60995

Aaron C. de Bruyn ubuntu-devel-discuss at darkpixel.com
Sun Oct 21 06:17:26 UTC 2007

> It's the wrong way to fix it. You can lose data by clicking enter
> while a link is focused too, should we disable the enter key? The

Your example doesn't fit.  Navigation is the PRIMARY function of the enter key.  Enter is for submitting URLs in the location bar, for following links, and submitting forms, and in other parts of the computer opening files, and signaling the end of commands.  It's function is navigation.  It signals that you want to activate some action.  The only place where enter isn't used for navigation is in a textarea field.  And if you're accidentally in a textarea and hit enter instead of over a link or submit button, you don't lose data.

In the inverse, you're talking about making backspace edit text in some instances, and navigate in others when it's PRIMARY function is editing data.
Potentially through a very common user error (not being in a text field when hitting backspace), users could lose data.

It's sorta a pattern we rely on when using computers.

Arrow keys?    Navigation around a page, navigation around history, navigation around text, etc...
Enter key?     Navigation to a different URL, navigation via hyperlink, navigation by submitting form data...
Page up/down?  Navigation around a page.

Alpha keys?          Entering data.
Numeric keys?        Entering data.
Backspace key?       Deleting data.
Delete key?          Deleting data.

Put in an option to turn it on if you want it, but I wouldn't enable it by default.


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