You devs rock. Thanks for your work.

Martin Olsson mnemo at
Sun Oct 21 06:46:00 UTC 2007

I also think Ubuntu is improving at an tremendously phenomenal rate.
When I bought my laptop in june, Ubuntu couldn't even boot (it was stuck 
in busybox). Then they fixed that bug but there was a problem with 
not being able to use my widescreen, but after a few weeks that bug was 
fixed too. Then there was the wireless networking that came unexpected 
over apt-get one day, first the driver so that I could list the access 
points etc. Then in the gutsy release version wireless worked perfectly. 
Was amazed me the most was that setting up wireless in gutsy was MUCH 
easier than it was in Vista (and this was a laptop with pre-installed 
Vista!) because Vista had all these weird dialogs asking me if it was 
WPA1 or 2 and whether is was AES and what keysize etc. In Ubuntu, I got 
once such question (which was WPA or LEAP) and then everything else, 
beyond the password to the accesspoint, was autodetected!

The only thing that doesn't work at this point is the sound card (I'm 
one of the poor guys with a PCI ID "8086:284b" type of card) and I know 
that some people talented people are working very hard to resolve that 
problem. Oh, and my GMA Intel X3100 gfx card is blacklisted by Compiz 
too but I just hack around that :-)

So, I too would like to thank all the devs that checked in code to any 
of the projects that is aggregated and shipped on the Ubuntu platform!


Thomas Novin wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 09:40 -0700, Dane Mutters wrote: 
>> So, the essence of what I'd like to say is that the Ubuntu devs (and
>> those who contribute in any to the Ubuntu distro) are awesome and
>> deserve a lot of respect.  You've done wonders for making this (IMHO)
>> the best distribution out there.
> I have to agree. I am absolutely amazed on how good Ubuntu is. I have
> been using Linux since 1995 but never on the desktop side. I've tried a
> couple of times but always reverted back to Windows. Last February I got
> a new laptop at work and then I decided to try Feisty Fawn which IIRC
> was a beta back then. I pretty soon also switched my home PC to Ubuntu
> from Windows XP. I can't see that I ever will be switching back to
> Windows again.
> Now with Gutsy I'm more pleased than ever. I've been using it for maybe
> two months now and I haven't really run into any serious trouble (except
> when I tried to install it on my laptop which has a mobile ATI graphics
> card).
> The fast-user-switch-applet works really great. I couldn't imagine it
> any better. Before it was a nuisance because we are two users on my home
> PC and having to enter your password twice every time we switched got
> very boring.
> Big thanks to everyone who helped in the creation of this great OS!
> Rgds
> Thomas Novin

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