Bug: blurry menu icons with most of gnome-themes

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Tue Oct 16 20:34:42 UTC 2007

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
>> the release will be: "Ubuntu is not able to guarantee a basic clean
>> interface from a version to another." Whatever the new features can be
>> in other domains.
> The issue is not likely specific to Ubuntu and the upstream theme didn't
> switch to 22x22 this cycle, is the issue new in gutsy?
For me at least, yes.

If nothing has changed and nobody seems to care about this, so maybe
it's a bug that only occurs on my box, maybe due to a bad upgrade from
Feisty. Please just tell me if you get the same results when using
Clearlooks. Is anybody here experiencing the same? I don't want to
bother all the list with personal issues, I can live with that, but I
thought it was general and nothing has let me think me it is not the case.

Given this, the interpretation of the bug may greatly differ.

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