You devs rock. Thanks for your work.

jdong at jdong at
Tue Oct 16 17:21:49 UTC 2007

It's a fresh relief to see positive comments once in a while :)

Thanks for your kind words.

On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 09:40:04AM -0700, Dane Mutters wrote:
> I'm writing in response to some recent emails on this list that may have
> had a discouraging effect on the developers and other community members.
> While Some constructive criticism is needed, I would like to remind
> people that the developers are essentially volunteers who put a LOT of
> hard work into making a really great Linux distribution.
> So, the essence of what I'd like to say is that the Ubuntu devs (and
> those who contribute in any to the Ubuntu distro) are awesome and
> deserve a lot of respect.  You've done wonders for making this (IMHO)
> the best distribution out there.
> Thanks for your work.  I look forward with great anticipation to
> installing Gusty on my box.
> --Dane
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