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Tue Oct 16 14:55:11 UTC 2007

Am Dienstag, den 16.10.2007, 11:02 +0100 schrieb João Pinto:
      * getdeb packages requirements  do not meet ubuntu backports
        requirements, ubuntu backports are based on versions available
        on the  development version, getdeb packages are based on the
        latest upstream version, some of the software is not even
        available at the development version. 

I'm not sure this is correct. IIRC we can do direct uploads to
-backports too. Although it's of course the safer bet to test the app in
the development release first.

It'd be great if Ubuntu could benefit from the work you do already and
we could put those updated applications (after a review) into the
development release.

> Applications selectivity - We do no want to become Ubuntu unstable, we
> do provide upgrades to several universe, and some main packages, such
> upgrade must not be automatic, it must be an user explicit option,
> achieving that with APT requires APT pinning handling, something which
> is not supported by the current APT based graphical tools, we may need
> to roll out our own APT based install tool by applying some
> customizations to GApti ( .

Alternatively we could put the really unstable applications (I'm sure
it's just a small percentage into PPA for testing).

> GetDeb is an user friendly UI to the latest software, that was our
> starting point, I am not sure that after overcoming the current
> technical APT adoption blockers we will be able to merge with
> backports at some point, that will be a policy issue to address later,
> I do not know what is the ubuntu backports team availability  to
> discuss processes and policies, anyway, we are not prepared for that
> yet. 

It's great you're doing this kind of work and invest that much effort
into it. I just believe that you'd have a bigger outreach if the fixes
and updates landed in Ubuntu proper. 

Also users would get security updates and bug fixes and wouldn't have to
uninstall the packages again for doing upgrades.

Maybe we should schedule a meeting or a phone call to find out where we
could cooperate in a better way, make the best use of resources and
provide the best user experience.

Have a nice day,

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